Homework Assignment #3

Assigned:               March 10, 2003
Due:                       March 31, 2003 
Usability & Functionality Design Review

You will review the homework #2 submission of a different student from your CDS group. The goal is to examine someone else's work and give them feedback that they can use to improve their design. You should also see other ways to implement these applications versus your own designs.

Review the ALTERNATIVE application dialogs created by one other student within your group.

The CDS Facilitator will create an email that is sent out to ALL members of a CDS group. The Facilitator will designate who you (the Designer) must send YOUR assignment to (the Reviewer). This information will be in the email to your group.

In the email, a table like the following should be present:

Designer         Designer's Email           Reviewer           Reviewers Email
Joe Smith        JS@nyu.edu                 Jane Fox           janiebaby@msn.com

Jane Fox         janiebaby@msn.com          Fred Flintstone    yabadabadoo@rockmail.com
Fred Flintstone  yabadabadoo@rockmail.com   Joe Smith          js@nyu.edu

The Facilitator MUST send this email out to the group by TUESDAY, March 11 at 11PM.

It is then the responsibility of the DESIGNER to send their homework assignment # 2 submission to the Reviewer by WEDNESDAY, March 12 at 11PM. If you can't do this, send an email to me and you facilitator before then.

If you missed the CDS class, send an email to ME with the type of business you visited and we will hook you up with a CDS facilitator.

You must fill out the worksheet document (WORD) or (RTF).

Then send the completed worksheet document to your TA and a copy to the Designer that your are reviewing.

Finally, when you get the Review done of your application, you must read through it (I'll trust your to do this on your own).


Grading Criteria: [5 points]

You need to review as alternative dialogs as completed by the Designer you are reviewing. You must also review their mmenu based app design. If they didn't get all three done, that is ok. You MUST review all the dialogs in the homework #2 of the Designer whose work you are reviewing, even if they only did ONE! (maybe you'll get lucky ;-) Ignore any extra review questions for dialogs that you don't have samples for. You will NOT lose points if the Designer only created one or two. Answer the sheet(s) for all the dialogs in the homework assignment you are reviewing.

The quality and thoroughness of your answers are what counts. Each question asked in the worksheet can generally be answered by a paragraph (3- 7 sentences).

The quality of your writing and grammar isn't what's important.

What is important is your review of the design, your use of what you've learned in class and in  the readings and the application of those rules and insights. If you make a recommendation you should try to back it up by a rule, guideline or your own rationale.

2 Points for the Dialog(s) design review    
1 Points for the Menu app design review   
2 Points Overall quality and thoroughness  
5 total points  



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