Homework Assignment #2


Assigned:                 Feb 24, 2003
                         March 10th at 5PM
Total Grade Points: 6 Points

You may use any of these design session files. You must do THREE dialogs so you may need to use dialogs from more than one group.

Office Supply
Coffee Shop
Book Store


Part A) [2 points] Create three Swing applications that are JDialog based dialogs that implements the three Dialogs that you designed in class. They should reflect the paper based designs.

Submit the three Swing dialogs as java files.

Part B) [1 point] Create three alternate designs (one for each) that use different layout and control choices for each dialog. You should try different placement, color and control choices for the dialog. A not every control needs to be different but experiment. For example: If you have to enter the state in an address, instead of the usual drop down list or spin control or text box or a bunch of radio buttons one for each state maybe. Be creative. Summarize, in a paragraph per dialog, as a text file, why you think this design is better and/or worse that the original design.

        Submit three swing dialogs as java files.
        Submit three paragraphs critiquing your designs as a WORD or RTF file.

Part C.) [2 points] Take the three dialogs and create a paper design (like class) that is a drop down menu based application that supports the three tasks that your dialogs from class supported. ONLY implement the menuing structure DO NOT worry about designing any  functionality from the menus.

Take the notes from your business visit and include any other workflows and tasks that you uncovered in this menuing structure.

You MUST do this using a pencil and paper. Submit the drawings to the TAs mailbox.

Describe the information/functionality architecture you created and why in a text document (1 to 2 pages typed.) This means explain your design. Why you choose to organize the information on the menus that as you did. What happens when a user selects a menu item.

Take the paper based designs and using a paint program draw them as a JPG, GIF or PNG image and submit that drawing as part of your assignment.

        Submit the image file.

Part D) [1 points] Implement the drop down menu design as a Swing based prototype. ONLY implement the menuing structure DO NOT worry about invoking any functionality from the menus.

        Submit the prototype application java files.

Example (for an ATM machine):


I will NOT be spending much time in class telling you how to do this with Swing. You will need to teach yourself how to do this on you own. I may demonstrate how it is done but you are one your own to learn the rudimentary things you need to do this in Swing.


Submit all the files as a SINGLE ZIP file called "UID-HW2-<SID Last4>.zip"
For example:

                "UID-HW2-1234.zip"   or "UID-HW2-9999.zip".


Grading Criteria:

    Part A    2
    Part B    1
    Part C    2
    Part D    1
Total          6 points



    A book on using netbeans - http://www.netbeans.org/about/books/index.html
    A good set of swing tutorials












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