Homework Assignment #1

Assigned: Feb 3rd, 2003
Feb 17th, 2003
Observation, Interviews and Analysis.

Note: I have fixed an error in the grading criteria for this assignment below.


Group Matrix:

Group 1SB COORDINATOR Ho Cheung Hang Starbucks
  Li Jie  
  Liu Huanqing  
  Gomez Sergio  
  Weng Hsu-Heng  
Group SB2 COORDINATOR Xuan Mingyue Starbucks
  Lepore Thomas  
  Shih Ching-Lun  
  Lu Chun-Cheng  
  Sato So  
Group OD3 COORDINATOR Cheng Shing Office Depot
  Chen Meifan  
  Chin Shih-Chen  
  Wang Hsin-Yu  
  Jin Sihua  
Group OD4 COORDINATOR Reinshagen Tanya Office Depot
  Chou Chih-Ho  
  Rekem Ido  
  Jagmag Adil  
Group BN5 COORDINATOR Lai Jason Barnes & Noble
  Gershman Michael  
  Chen Liang  
  Chou Shian-Shu  
  Sandler Benjamin  
Group BN6 COORDINATOR Mittal Priyanka Barnes & Noble
  Chen Sam  
  Hom Michael  
  Luthra Pankaj  
  Wang Junhan  
Group BL7 COORDINATOR Liao Shih-Ming Bobst
  Reilly Brian  
  Muller Brian  
  Chen Chien-Chuan  
  Lin Tsai-Iou  
Group BL8 COORDINATOR Chang Chien Pang Bobst
  Zhang Sheng  
  Wang Hao  
  Olstad Eric  
Group CB9 COORDINATOR Yueh Wan-Chen Chase Bank
  Kot Li-Xin  
  Fancera Kevin  
  Chuang Shih-Hung  
Group CB10 COORDINATOR Wang Yen-Pin Chase bank
  Lin Jia-Suen  
  Wang Li-Hua  
  Jen Huoy-Ming  


Note: the assignment text is in these files which you must download.


Word format


RTF document


HTML document


  1. This set of worksheets is not perfect for every situation. Use you discretion for modification or skipping parts. Also, improvise if you canít understand the instructions. You will not be penalized if you at least try to fill in the worksheets. I CANNOT help you with these activities. You must take the initiative.
  2. READ THE ENTIRE ASSIGNMENT OVER BEFORE YOU BEGIN. PLAN APPROPRIATELY. PRINTOUT the forms that you will need for the visit and fill in the appropriate blanks.
  3. You will be assigned to a group. EVERYONE in that group must visit a business of the type you are assigned to. You can do the visit as a group or as an individual. It is your choice.  A group coordinator will be DESIGNATED. They can choose to NOT be the coordinator, then the next person on the list will be the list. They may choose to not be the coordinator, and so on. Somebody must take the coordinator position within your group or you are all expected to do the exercise on your own.
  4. The coordinator should send a class emailing list email IMMEDIATELY to get contact info of all the group to coordinate the groups activities. If you choose to do the visit on your own, please let the coordinator know your intensions, immediately.
  5. You / your group will make an appointment with a business to do observations and interviews.
  6. Go and do those observations and interviews completing the observation and interview forms. Each student will do their own independent forms.
  7. Do analysis of that gathered information and complete the task analysis worksheet.
  8. Submit ALL the worksheets, as electronic documents, zipped up together, to the TAs.

Grading Criteria:

            2 points for doing the visit (1 for Observations & 1 for interviews)

            1 point for the observations worksheet

            1 point for the interview worksheet(s)

            1 point for the task analysis worksheet


            5 points of your total course grade..





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