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All student should want to excel in this course. You should strive to master the material not just get the minimum you can. You really want to grok this stuff. In order to get the most out of this course follow these suggestions:


Use your TAs to help you to understand any lecture material, homework, activities, reading assignments, etc. That is what they are there for.

Their contact info is posted on the site.


Use me to help you to understand any lecture material, homework, activities, reading assignments, etc. That is what I am there for. I will help when I can. I may occasionally say no to a request but it is better to ask and get refused than not to ask at all.

Come to my office hours if you need help. Or discuss with me and we may be able to make an appointment to discuss an item.

Send me emails if you have questions. poelman@cs.nyu.edu

My contact info is posted on the site.


Attend all the lectures. We will be discussing things in class and doing activities that cannot be easily learned if you do not attend the lectures. I'm there, you ought to be, too.

Print out the slides ahead of time, if possible. Take notes on the lectures.

Ask pertinent questions in lecture.

Read the assigned material AHEAD OF THE LECTURE!

Reading Assignments & Homework

Read the assigned book chapters. Do it ahead of the lecture that will cover that topic (usually the lecture the week following the assignment of the reading).

Do all the homework as soon as it is assigned. Don't wait until the last minute. You have only one or two weeks to complete each assignment. Delaying starting makes it harder to get any help from myself or the TAs in a timely fashion.

Other Students:

Discuss the material with other students. Make some friends in the class, its always a benefit for both parties. Study together but don't cheat, though. You should be doing all your homework assignments not copying someone else's ideas or work.

Use the class mailing list to solicit help on problems with tools and questions on what assignments are asking for. I will be posting any relevant questions I get asked to the class mailing list with the clarifications/changes/answers.

Class Mailing List:

Subscribe and read it. I will be making announcements very often during the term via this mailing list. Check your email it everyday, if you can.

 Go to http://www.cs.nyu.edu/mailman/listinfo/g22_2280_001_sp03 to subscribe.

The Class Web Site:

The class website will be heavily utilized in this course. You will need to keep an eye on the "What's new" and the "Updated" date. I will change these every time there are significant changes to the site. I will also send an email to the class mailing list notifying you of the changes.

Special needs:

The class heavily depends on many types of information being absorbed by you the student. This means images, written text, audio, video, etc. maybe used in the course. If you have difficulties with understanding written / spoken English or it just takes a little longer for you, let me know this and we may be able to accommodate you.

I have found that for many students in these courses, English is a second language. This can make taking the exams harder to complete, in the same amount of time as a native English speaker. I will work within the rules of the CS Department to accommodate you.

Students with learning and/or other disabilities should let me know if you need special accommodation, also. See the Moses Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) at NYU for more info on accommodating students with disabilities.

You must LET ME KNOW AHEAD OF TIME to allow for accommodations to be made!.




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