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Logan Poelman
Office:            WWH 401  
Office Phone:  ???
Office Hours:   6 - 7 pm Monday Nights
Phone:            917-783-7477 (Cell) - use in emergencies and major crisis's only please.

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Teaching Assistants:

You may contact either TA for help or questions on the course material.

For submitting your homework via email and exams, see the TABLE BELOW for your assigned TA.

Oleg Kim
Office: 605 CIMS
Office Phone: 212 9983093
Office Hours: 5-6 PM Monday

Elif Tosun
Office: 719 Broadway, 12th Fl, rm 1210
Office Phone: 212-998-3339
Office Hours: 2-3:30PM Wednesday

TA Last First
Elif Wang Hao
Elif Chang Chien Pang
Elif Zhang Sheng
Elif Olstad Eric
Elif Gershman Michael
Elif Lai Jason
Elif Sandler Benjamin
Elif Chen Liang
Elif Chou Shian-Shu
Elif Wang Li-Hua
Elif Wang Yen-Pin
Elif Jen Huoy-Ming
Elif Lin Jia-Suen
Elif Cheng Shing
Elif Jin Sihua
Elif Chen Meifan
Elif Chin Shih-Chen
Elif Wang Hsin-Yu
Elif Lepore Thomas
Elif Xuan Mingyue
Elif Lu Chun-Cheng
Elif Shih Ching-Lun
Elif Sato So
Oleg Muller Brian
Oleg Reilly Brian
Oleg Liao Shih-Ming
Oleg Chen Chien-Chuan
Oleg Lin Tsai-Iou
Oleg Hom Michael
Oleg Luthra Pankaj
Oleg Chen Sam
Oleg Wang Junhan
Oleg Mittal Priyanka
Oleg Fancera Kevin
Oleg Kot Li-Xin
Oleg Chuang Shih-Hung
Oleg Yueh Wan-Chen
Oleg Jagmag Adil
Oleg Reinshagen Tanya
Oleg Rekem Ido
Oleg Chou Chih-Ho
Oleg Li Jie
Oleg Ho Cheung Hang
Oleg Gomez Sergio
Oleg Liu Huanqing
Oleg Weng Hsu-Heng




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