V22.0480-002 Microprocessors Projects

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Charles Aldrich:Emotion Engine
Akshay Arora:Motorola ColdFire Processor
Madu Achalla:ARM Microprocessor
Michael Biagetti:Unifying Level One Cache
Samantha Bong:PDP-8 Architecture
Jacob Cappell:Execution of Processes on a Virtual Machine
Todd Cavallo:Multiprocessing
Johnny Chea:MuP21 Microprocessor
Michael Chiaramonte:Project Infinity
Alyssa Concha:ADSP-21060 SHARC
Igor Daysudov:MIPS CPU Simulation
Stephen Fu:IDT 79R3081 Microprocessor
Angelo Gagliano:The TRON Project
Tugrul Galatali:Intel iAPX-432
Idan Gazit:Emotion Engine
Daniel Glick:SHARC
Christina Harrison:SHARC Architecture
Sean Holohan:PowerPC architecture
Dipin Hora:PPC shell
Pan Hu:PowerPC Series RISC Microprocessor
Oliver Kennedy:MIPS Simulator
Umran Khan:The Transmeta Crusoe Processor
Tony Kolanovic:The Transmeta Crusoe Processor
Magdalena Krzywicka:PDP-11
Scott Lasak:The Transmeta Crusoe
Moe Levine:The AM2900
Brandon Lim:Motorola 68K
Pat Littell:PISCES
Anna Lo:Transmeta's Crusoe Processors.
Obadiah Mazo:Asynchronous Microprocessors
Chris McCulloh:Cray SV1 Architecture
Mark Mentovai:Towards a New Architecture
Michelle Nabavian:The Arm Microprocessor
Mario Pardo:Simulating Paging Algorithms
Jesse Shaver:SEPTIC Emulator
Herman Sheremetyev:Hitachi SH-4
Gordon Singh:PlayStation2 as a General Purpose Computer
Clare Smith:The SHARC chip.
MinHo Son:PowerPC Architecture
Aiysha Taylor:The IBM 360
Richard Tsai:The PowerPC Architecture
Kim Vu:The Sony Emotion Engine
Connie Wang:The ARM Microprocessor
Eric Weinschenk:Processors Used In Apple Computers
Ron Weinwurzel:The G4 Processor