Submitting Homework via Email   

When submitting Homework, please follow these guidelines. This will really help the grader keep things organized.

  1. At the top of every program that you submit, include (as a comment) the following info:
    • name
    • student ID number
    • assignment number
  2. E-mail your program to the grader. In order to do this correctly, you must follow these steps:
    • First, you must transfer your program from your local computer to your Stern email/UNIX account. This process is known as FTP (File Transfer Protocol), and is described below.
    • Second, you will need to attach your program as a Pine attachment (also described below.)
    • Third, in the subject line of your email, please include the following information in the subject: hwk #no by LastName, FirstName. For example, Subject: hwk #2 by Lee, John
How to FTP your programs to your Stern email/UNIX Account
FTP or File Transfer Protocol enables you to easily transfer files from your local computer to your Stern email/UNIX account. Here's how to do it, step by step. If you get stuck, please ask the Stern Lab staff for assistance.
  1. From the Network Application Launcher, double-click on WS_FTP.
  2. Where is says "profile name", enter the host name of your email/UNIX account (This is probably "sales" or "is3".)
  3. Where it says "User ID", enter your user name.
  4. Where is says "Password", enter your e-mail password.
  5. Now you see two windows; in the left one, the local system, either select the A drive (for floppy disks) or H (for your home directory).
  6. Highlight the file you want to upload with the mouse.
  7. Between the two windows are arrows. Click the arrow that points to the right to move your file to the remote system (the right-hand window).
  8. You can now use Pine to send your file to the grader (see below.)
Sending files via email
  1. On the pine menu, choose Compose message to write an email message, and address your message.
  2. After you address your email message, Hit control J, i.e., depress the J key while holding down the Ctrl key. This is indicated as ^J in computer speak. Note that ^J attach appears at the bottom of the screen as one of the options. So, even if you forget which keys to depress, the computer will guide you.
  3. The next screen to appear will have ^T To files at the bottom of the screen. Hit Ctrl T to view the files in your directory.
  4. When the files are displayed, use the arrow keys to select the file you wish to send. This will be called the attached file. As you depress these keys, the selected files will appear shaded. Finally, when you choose the desired file, depress the Enter key.
  5. The next screen will display Attach comment. If you want the email message to indicate a comment describing the attached file, type the comment and then hit Enter.
  6. Next, hit Ctrl X to send the message.
  7. Finally, the computer will display Send Message?. Type Y and the message will be sent.
Receiving files via email
  1. When you receive mail containing an attachment, hit V to view the attachment. If you forget what key to press, the bottom of the screen includes ^V ViewAttach as an option.
  2. The next screen will have a list of the attachments. Use the down arrow key to select the desired attachment and then hit V to view it. If you want to save the attachment as a file in your home directory, hit the S key. Then hit E to exit the viewing mode, and then E to exit the view index and finally M and Q, as usual, to quit pine.