Late Policy
In general, homework assignments will be due on a Thursday. You must submit your homework via email. In order to be considered on time, your homework must be received by Thursday at 11:59 pm. If you do not hand in your homework by that time, you must submit your homework by the following Thursday at 11:59 pm. Homework that is one week late will receive an automatic 10 point penalty. Homework that is more than a week late will not be accepted.
Student Collaboration / Definition of Cheating
All homeworks are to be done individually. You may discuss the assignment with other students in a general way, but the design and coding of the program is to be done on your own. Copying will not be tolerated, and the grader will be looking for very similar programs.
Submitting Homeworks via Email
You will be submitting all your homework via email to the grader. Here are specific instructions on submitting you homework.
Homework Due Date
Homework 1 Thursday, Feb 7
Homework 2 Thursday, Feb 21
Homework 3 Tuesday, March 5
Homework 4 Thursday, March 28
Homework 5 Thursday, April 18
Homework 6 Thursday, May 2