V22.0004 Computers in Principle and Practice II
New York University: Spring 2002

Nathan Hull

Assignment 5
Due: Tuesday, April 16th

The Computer Crypt

Director & Lingo

In this assignment, you are to create an interactive Macromedia Director Movie(s), and place it on the Web.

In essence, the assignment will be to create a parody of Brøderbund's "Living Books" CD series which are best sellers among kids. Several stand-alone, "projector" examples are available under the ACFSE course folder.

First, a warning: Despite their rather syrupy nature, obviously many man months went into creating each title. They have original cartoons, original music, original sound effects, and semi-elaborate programming. I would suggest that you start with the images, then create the Lingo programming, and then add sound effects at the last moment. But keep the project containable within the time allowed.

Also, try to keep your files small (small to us is =< 200K; in the real world small is probably =<80K). However, you can cheat somewhat by dividing your presentation into separate movies which can be linked. Indeed, you can download one movie while the other is playing!

Your project is to create a two room (page) universe to explore called "The Computer Crypt." In each you will find several objects which can be click on, "rolled over," or dragged about. What kind of objects? Well, that is up to you, but they might include various computer paraphernalia combined with a "mad scientist" motif. Some might be haunted or possessed and fly about the room when clicked.

There is one object (your password on a discarded piece of paper) that if "picked up" and "brought" to the other room, will open the door to freedom. Basically, when you click on it, it will display text that announces that you now have it in your possession, and disappears from the scene by setting its sprite to invisible. When you "go" to the other room, it is visible in that room suddenly. When you drag it to the lock, or the computer screen, or whatever, the game ends in a victory.

Here are some elements you should include in each room:

Your movie should be broken into two pieces: An opening screen that is very short, and loads very quickly while the rooms load in the background; and a movie that includes the two rooms.

When you turn in the assignment, not only post a copy of it to the web, but turn in a copy of the Director files on disk, with all of the scripts printed out. Make certain to comment your scripts.

Load your pages up to the I5 server using the FTP client of your choice (Fetch, etc.) So that you do not have to destroy the look of your I5 Home Page, this assignment will use the following naming scheme for the first page:


Thus, the URL for looking at your page (presuming that you have User ID "abc1234") would be:


And, as usual, when your Web Page(s) for your assignment have been posted, please notify us at:


In the Subject field of your message, please put the assignment number you are turning in.