(Biology G23.2601; Chemistry G25.2601;
Computer Science G22.3033.012; Mathematics G63.2856.003;)

Molecular Modeling

Instructor:  Tamar Schlick (schlick@nyu.edu)

Time:  Wednesdays, 2:00-4:00 pm

Location:  1003 Main Building

The class contains a full-scale introduction to biomolecular modeling and simulation, including:

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Advanced undergraduates and graduate students, from all Washington Square science and math departments (chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, computer science and neuroscience), as well as graduate students from the Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences.
Prerequisites: Computing experience and interest in the subject; biomolecular background not required (introductions given).
Textbook: "Molecular Modeling: An Interdisciplinary Guide" by Tamar Schlick (Springer-Verlag, to appear in 2002). Text is supplemented by an article reading list (Postscript, pdf) and additional general reference books (Postscript, pdf).
Formats: Class lectures (instructor and guests), student presentations, videos, and computer labs (homework).
Homeworks: Weekly readings and homework assignments involving modeling software and some programming.
Grading: Based on class participation and homeworks.
Instructor: Tamar Schlick, Professor (Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science). See group web site on http://monod.biomath.nyu.edu.

For further information, contact T. Schlick by email (schlick@nyu.edu) or phone (998-3116).
If you are interested in the course but worried about your background, consult instructor!