Internet and Intranet Applications and Protocols

 Spring 2002




Revision 13    April 29, 2002



These lecture notes are in PowerPoint 2000 format. 


January 23      


Introduction to Internet and Intranet Protocols and Applications; Review of Networking



January 30

Introduction to the Internet Transport Protocols



February 6

Client/Server Architectures and Socket Programming



February 13

Application Protocols and the Internet Transport Protocols,  Electronic Mail



February 20

The Domain Name Service (DNS)

The Internet: Delay, Errors, Detection



February 27

Application Protocols: Telnet, FTP



March 6

WWW: HyperMedia, Browsers, URL







March 20

WWW: Proxy Servers

Proxy Server Load Balancing



March 27

Internet Routing: Algorithms and Protocols



April 3

Network (Internet) Security



April 10

Finish Network Security  (see last week's lecture)

Guest Speaker - Steve Mato, XML



April 17

IP Multicast, Reliable Multicast, PGM



April 24          

Performance, Queuing Analysis



May 1

Messaging and Queuing: MQSeries