Problem Set 2

Assigned: Feb. 12

Problem 1

What is the result of doing alpha-beta pruning in the game tree shown below?

Problem 2

Use propositional resolution to prove (a) from (b-e).

Problem 3

Let L be a first-order languge where the entities are people and places. L contains the following non-logical symbols:
a(X) -- X is an adult.
b(X) -- X is a baby.
c(X,Y) -- X is taking care of Y.
p(X,L) -- X is at place L.
j,k -- Constants. Joe and Karen.
g -- Constant. The playground.
Express the following sentences in L:

Problem 4 IS REINSTATED, DUE TO POSTPONEMENT OF DUE DATE. Construct resolution proofs of (7) and of (8) from (1-6) in problem 3. You should show (a) the Skolemized form of each axiom and each negated goal; (b) every resolution done in the proof. You need not show the intermediate stages of Skolemization.