Operating Systems

William Moran

Class: Mondays 5-7PM; Room 102 CIWW
Office Hours: Mondays 7-8PM and by appointment
Email: moran@cs.nyu.edu -or-
Alternate Email:William.Moran@morganstanley.com [for fastest response during the day]
Phone: 212.762.2673

This is a first class in Operating Systems. It is a systems class, so programming assignments will make up a substantial part of the grade. I expect that someone taking this class should be able to write and debug programs of moderate complexity in a modern high level language like C, C++, or Java.

Topics covered will include:

Other Information:


The grade for this class will be made up of some combination of: take away programming assignments and a final exam. The weight will probably be 60-40.

Lecture Notes

Lecture1 Jan 28, 2002
Lecture2 Feb 04, 2002
Lecture3 Feb 11, 2002
Lecture4 Feb 25, 2002
Lecture5 Mar 03, 2002
Lecture6 Mar 17, 2002
Lecture7 Mar 24, 2002
Lecture8 Apr 01, 2002
Lecture9 Apr 08, 2002
Lecture10 Apr 15, 2002
Lecture11 Apr 22, 2002
Lecture12 Apr 29, 2002
Lecture13 May 06, 2002 Review Notes

Homework Assignments

HW 1
HW 2
HW 3
HW 4

Programming Assignments

Assignment 1
Assignment 1 sample inputs
Assignment 2
Assignment 2 sample inputs
Assignment 3
Assignment 3 sample inputs

Supplemental Reading