G22.2233 - Prof. Grishman

Assignment 3 - MIPS Assembly Language

Write a MIPS program, using a loop, which computes the sum of five consecutive (32-bit) words in memory and displays the result on the console.  Declare and initialize this array as part of your program.  Verify the operation of your code using the SPIM simulator (http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~larus/spim.html).

You should send email to grishman@cs.nyu.edu which contains a single attachment containing the MIPS program.  The subject line of the message should be "Assignment 3".  It will be easier for me if the attachment file name is yourname.asm.

Reminder: MIPS uses byte addressing, so the addresses of successive words differ by 4, not 1.

This assignment is due March 25th, and is worth 5 points towards your final grade.  There is a penalty of 1/2 point for each school day the assignment is late.