Old Announcements

30 April

Extended office hours for this week:

31 March

Some lab 3 output is available, click here.

28 March

Lab 3 is available: see below.

18 March

The midterm answers as well as a grade breakdown are here.

13 March

Some midterm answers are here.

3 March

IMPORTANT: The scope of the midterm has been reduced to lectures 1-12 (i.e., through 28 feb). I posted a msg to the class mailing list with more information.

2 March

Lab 2answers for all algorithims are here. Also there are traces of my programs execution, which might help your debugging.

28 February

Lab 2 deadline extended to wednesday 21 march (lab 3 to be handed out monday 19 march).

28 February

Lab 2 answers (so far for fcfs) are here.

26 February

The (too-long) practice midterm is available in pdf, postscript, and text.

22 February

The midterm will be Wednesday 7 march.

19 February

There is a typo in the last input set for lab2. Please replace ``(100 1 100 0)'' with ``(100 1 100 3)''.

18 February

The file of random numbers is available. To download the file using Netscape, hold down shift and click here.

11 February

Lab 2 is available. It will be officially assigned tomorrow and is due 5 March.

5 February

Lab 1 deadline extended to 12 February.

17 January

Lab 1 assigned. See the ``Labs'' section below.

Allan Gottlieb