Nathan Hull - Spring 2001

Reminder: The Final is on Friday, May 4th from 10:00 - 11:50
in Room. 207 in the Main Building


Extra Credit: CGI Program
Due: Friday, May 5th (The Day of the Final)

Assignment # 6: CGI Example
Due: Tuesday, April 24th
working example:

Hints on setting permissions on i5:

Assignment # 5: Director & Lingo
Due: Tuesday, April 10th

Assignment # 4: Basic Director
Due: Thursday, March 22nd

Assignment # 3: JavaScript Game
Due: Thursday, March 1st - Extended to Sunday, March 4th

Assignment # 2b: Rollovers
Due: Tuesday, February 13th

Assignment # 2a: Frames & CSS
Due: Thursday, February 8th

Assignment # 1: Count Cards
Due: Tuesday, January 30th

Assignment # 0: Setup
Due: Tuesday, January 23rd

New York Times Articles

Student Web Pages

Student Grades


Frames - HTML

Frames - JavaScript

JavaScript Examples

Deena's Web Page Design Hints

NYU CGI Examples

Perl/SQL Example

Examples from the HTML Book


Another good HTML course online:

Examples from the JavaScript Book

Also look at Web Monkey's Crash JavaScript Course

Animated JavaScript Document Object Model




Director and Lingo


Cascading Style Sheets



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Web Documentation

Class Information:

Using Telnet and Setting up Your Web Page on ACF5

Using FETCH to Copy Text & Image Files to your ACF5 Account

ITS Information:

The ITS ACF5 Home Page

Fetch: FTP for Macintosh

WS-FTP: FTP for Windows

ITS: A UNIX Beginner's Guide For New Users of UNIX at NYU

Unix Permission Guide

ITS NYU Webguide


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