V22.0004 Computers in Principle and Practice II
New York University: Spring 2001

Nathan Hull

Extra Credit

Write a Perl/CGI application that will take the contents of a TEXT field on a form, and return on an HTML page that you generate:

  1. The number of characters
  2. The Number of Words
  3. and The Number of Lines

    [For extra, extra credit, input the URL of a web page to inspect, rather than a TEXT field. You will have to LWP to open an HTTP agent. This is not extremely difficult, but can be tricky. Only try this if you can get the first part to work, and have lots of time!}

Load your pages up to the I5 server using the FTP client of your choice (Fetch, etc.) So that you do not have to destroy the look of your I5 Home Page, this assignment will use the following naming scheme for the first page:


Thus, the URL for looking at your page (presuming that you have User ID "abc1234") would be:


And, as usual, when your Web Page(s) for your assignment have been posted, please notify us at:


In the Subject field of your message, please put the assignment number you are turning in.