Natural Language Processing

Spring 2001
Prof. Grishman

Approximate schedule of classes.

1. Computational linguistics: applications and approaches (NLU, chapter 1)
    Begin:  principal syntactic structures of English (NLU, chapter 2)
    Homework:  Studying paraphrase in news stories

2. Syntax analysis:

Finish:  principal syntactic structures of English (NLU, chapter 2)
Goals of syntactic analysis
Context-free natural language grammar (NLU, 3.1 & 3.2)
Context-free parsers:  top-down and bottom-up (NLU, 3.3)
Homework:  English grammar;  top-down parser
3. Syntax analysis, cont’d:
Chart parsers (NLU, 3.4 & 3.6)
Morphological processing (NLU, 3.7)
Limitations of context-free analysis;  augmented grammars (NLU, 4.1)
English feature systems (NLU 4.2)
Homework:  bottom-up and chart parser;  using enriched dictionary
4. Syntax analysis, cont’d:
Feature grammar and parser (NLU 4.3-4.5)
Grammar:  verb groups (NLU 5.1)
Homework:  feature grammar
5. Syntax analysis, cont’d:
Movement phenomena (NLU 5.2-5.4)
Reality sets in: problems of coverage and ambiguity
• limiting and factoring ambiguity (NLU 6.4)
• fitted and partial parses (NLU 6.5)
• corpus-based methods (in brief)
Homework:  using patterns for names and phrases (partial parsing)
6. Semantic analysis:
Semantics and logical form (NLU chapter 8.1-8.6)
Information templates for information extraction
Homework:  logical form
7. Semantic analysis, cont’d:
Linking syntax and semantics (NLU, 9.1-9.3)
Building IE templates
Homework:  building simple templates
8. Semantic analysis, cont’d:
Linking syntax and semantics, cont'd
Interpreting questions (NLU 9.5)
Homework:  semantic interpretation rules
9. Resolving ambiguity
Selectional restrictions (NLU 10.1 & 10.2)
Semantic grammars (NLU 11.2)
Word-sense disambiguation (NLU 10.4)
Homework:  selectional restrictions
10. Anaphora
Local discourse context and coreference (NLU chapter 14)
Handling anaphora in information extraction
Homework:  anaphora
11. Quantification and noun phrase interpretation
Scoping phenomena and resolution (NLU 12.1-3)
Application to data-base access (NLU 12.3)
12. Representing and using world knowledge (NLU chapters 13 & 15)

13. Dialog (NLU chapter 17)

14. Natural language applications:

Conversational agents, information retrieval and extraction, machine translation
Term projects due