Artificial Intelligence: Problem Set 3

Assigned: Feb. 27 Due: Mar. 20

Consider a domain whose entities are people, books, and volumes. (A "volume" is a particular physical object, which is a copy of an abstract "book", like Moby Dick).

Let L be the first-order language containing the following predicates:

o(P,V) --- Predicate. Person P owns volume V
c(V,B) --- Predicate. Volume V is a copy of book B.
a(P,B) --- Predicate. Person P is the author of book B.
i(P,B) --- Predicate. Person P is the illustrator of book B.
h --- Constant. Howard Pyle.
s --- Constant. Sam.
j --- Constant. Joe.

Problem 1

Express the following statements in L: (Note correction to sentence d.)

Problem 2

Using resolution, show that (g) can be proven from (a-c) and that (f) can be proven from (d,e). You must show the Skolemized form of each of the axioms and of the negated goals. You need not show the intermediate steps of Skolemization.