Programming Languages assignment IV

Assignment V

Due date Tuesday March 27 (+/- 2)

The purpose of this  assignment is to translate the large_numbers package into
C++, to gain familiarity with it, and to add handling of signs, to get some
additional useful functionality in. This means the following new operations:

a) Subtraction of two positive numbers, where it is known that the first is
larger than the second and the result is positive.

b) Comparison of two large positive numbers. It is sufficient to implement
one comparison, say ">", and write all the others in terms of ">" and "=".

c) Now addition of signed numbers checks the signs and calls either addition
or subtraction depending on the relative signs (5 lines of code).

d) For multiplication all that is required is to set the sign of the result

e) The output routine should include the sign.

You can use any C++ compiler you have. Keep the code simple, don't use
anything from the template library or from any other library, the point of
the exercise is to understand the low-level aspects of the data structures.
and the program organization.

Program organization: if object-oriented programming is new to you, write
a namespace with the types and the methods. If you've been using classes
since elementary school, then define a class Large_Number, and make the
operations public methods in the class. There will probably be a few private
methods that are used at the implementation level. The data members are of
course private.