Course Information

List of topics
Object-oriented programming & design 6-7 lectures
UML 1-2 lectures
Design Patterns 4-5 lectures
Model-View-Controller  1-2 lectures
User Interface Concepts in Java 2-3 lectures
Threads in Java 1 lecture
Various Java packages (Beans, JDBC) 3-4 lectures
Project presentations 2-3 lectures


Students will be divided into groups either by choice or by assignment.
Every group will choose a name and elect a leader, who will be responsible
for coordination of group's code. Students will be graded primarily on programming.
Throughout the class students will incrementally develop a system, which will be
completed by the end of the semester.
This class will require a lot of programming (I mean a lot!).

Quizzes 15%
Midterm                        March 9 15%
Final Project                April 25-27 70%

Instructor and assitants will be checking students progress on the programming
assignments to make sure that group is moving towards final project goal.