Where to Subscibe to Class Email List

A class email list has been set up. It is serviced by a list server called majordomo.

To subscribe to the list, send an email message to majordomo@cs.nyu.edu. The first line of the body of the message should be the word subscribe followed by the appropriate email address found in the last column of the following table. For instance, if the first letter of your last name is in the range A-D, the first line should be

                subscribe v22_0102_002a_sp00
Your e-tutor will be using this address to send broadcast messages to his or her group. You must subscribe to majordomo before you submit your first program; otherwise it will not be graded.

1st Letter of Student's Last Name E-tutor Majordomo Adress
A-DKate Fugina v22_0102_002a_sp00
E-LaRenee Gangale v22_0102_002b_sp00
Le-RedLaurel Brown v22_0102_002c_sp00
Rey-ZCecile M. Burg v22_0102_002d_sp00

If you want to see the full list of commands available when using the list server, send email to:


and then add the single line help as the body of the message. You will get a list of commands that are available (for example, you can request that the list of subscribers be mailed to you for any list).