V22.0005 - Spring 2000
Assignment # 4

Due: Thursday, March 30th
Extended to Monday, April 3rd

Projects should be turned in two ways:

1) Posted on your acf5 Web account under the name "assign4.html"

2) Submit a disk with your director movie on it, and a printout of all the Lingo.

Create a Director Animation of your choice which will be controlled (through LINGO and/or by using BEHAVIORS) with several "START" buttons and a single "STOP" buttons.

The animation should include at least one sound, and the total size of the "SHOCKWAVED" file should not be greater than 150K.

Your project should include at least one animation you have done yourself in Director, and one which is imported as an animated gif.

Important note: In order to play Animated Gif files in a Shockwave file, BEFORE you create the file, go to the MODIFY:MOVIE:XTRA menu. Scroll down to the bottom of the list, and highlight "Animated GIF Asset" and then click the "Download if Needed" check box. Then choose OK. Now, when you create a movie, the Animated GIF Xtra will be available to you - otherwise you get a warning message, and a large red square with an "X" through it in place of your animated gif.

Extra credit will be given to particularly well-done animations, either from the artistic or the imagination standpoints.