V22.0004 Computers in Principle and Practice II
New York University: Spring 2000

Nathan Hull

Assignment 0

Part One

Using the instructions below, subscribe to the mailing list for this course. This will allow me to broadcast announcements, corrections, instructions, etc., to the entire class. You will be responsible for reading email once before every class.

You don't have to hand in anything for this portion of the assignment! Instead, we will be able to check whether you have successfully added yourself to the mailing list.

Subscribing to the mailing list

Select mail from the main menu of your IS account. This puts you into the pine program.

1. Type C to compose a message.

2. You are in the "To:" field. Type majordomo@cs.nyu.edu.

3. Hit <return> or <Enter> three times to skip past the "Cc:" field, and the "Attachment" field. You are now in the "Message text" field.

4. Type in the appropriate the following, noting that the underscores '_' are very important.

  subscribe v22_0005_001_sp00
  (The above line has been corrected!)

Hit <return>.

5. Type "help" and hit <return>.


6. You are now ready to send the message. While holding down the control key, hit the X key, and then let go of the control key.

This is entering a "Control-X" which is written by the symbol '^X'.

7. You will be returned to the main menu, where you should see the words "Message sent" at the bottom of the screen. You should get a return message telling you that you have subscribed correctly. If not, try again, checking your typing very carefully.

8. To quite pine, type q, and then type y to confirm that you really want to quit.

Part Two

Using the following instructions, set up your initial Web Page on ACF5. These instructions will create the necessary directory, give permissions so that the outside world can view your pages, and copy an initial Home Page into your account.

Setting up your Initial Web Page on ACF5

1. Log into your ACF5 account. This is your regular user name, with an initial password of the first five digits of your Social Security number.

2. Once you have logged in, type the following UNIX commands to set up your page:

mkdir public_html
chmod a+x . public_html
cd public_html
cp /usr/skel/index.html .
chmod a+r index.html

(Note that the periods (.) above are VERY IMPORTANT!!!)

Note: After you have set this up initially, from then on you will use an FTP client (such as Fetch on the Mac) to load pages out on your server space. You will NOT generally be using UNIX commands!

3. Check out your page by pointing Netscape to:


Part Three

Report your success (for this and every assignment) to the Email address for this class, listing the URL for your assignment. The special email address is:

		Assignments should now be submitted to: