Computer Security

Instructor:  Lenore Zuck (zuck@cs.nyu.edu) Office hours:  M 4-5 or by appointment

M 5-7pm, WWH 101

The class will be run as a combination of lectures and research seminar. It will focus on two areas:

  1. Cryptographic foundations of various security protocols. This will include explaining the mathematical results that are used, with proofs kept to the barest minimum. The cryptographic algorithms and protocols covered will mostly be selected from the list: key exchange, authentication, secret sharing, digital signatures, timestamping services, subliminal channels, undeniable signatures, bit commitment, coin flipping on the telephone, all or nothing disclosure of secrets, zero knowledge proofs, digital certified mail, elections, digital cash, DES, RSA, key management, compromised key handling
  2. Selected papers/research directions of current interest, some covered by outside security experts and researchers.
As there will be no textbook, students should attend practically every class. Course work will entail reading papers. There will be exams and/or reports on the papers you read. There will be no programming projects.

Prerequisites: Fundamental Algorithms (preferably with an A- or better), Distributed Computing coursework or practical experience.

Tentative Syllabus:

Reading: There is no textbook that covers all   the material of the course.   A list of recommended books can be accessed by
the "books" link below.  Reserved copies will set aside in the library.

Lecture notes, suggested reading, and links to relevant papers will be posted on this page.

Final grade will be based on:

  •     Classroom participation
  •     Assignments
  •     Exams or Final project
  • Books


    Lecture Notes


    Reading List