Computation In Biology





From this page you can download the data that we will be using in the class.


E.Coli DNA

The first couple of lines in the data file contain general purpose information. The actual genome sequence  starts just below the line labeled ORIGIN. The sequence data is organized in a number of lines, each line containing 60 characters. Every line starts with a number which is the index position of the first character in that line.



Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Baker's yeast) DNA

S.cerevisiae is a eukaryotic genome with 16 chromosomes. Below you will find data files for each of the chromosomes. The format is similar to that of the E.Coli data described above.
Chr01, Chr02, Chr03, Chr04, Chr05, Chr06, Chr07, Chr08, Chr09, Chr10, Chr11, Chr12, Chr13, Chr14, Chr15, Chr16.