Programming Languages: Optional Homework Assignment 2


Notes: For those who did the first optional homework assignment, the best score between both assignments will be used to complement the mid-term grade.

This homework can be implemented indifferently in Java or C++.

Consider a simple language for arithmetic expressions, defined as:

  Exp ::= Int | Exp + Exp | Exp - Exp | Exp * Exp | Exp / Exp

Problem 1  

Represent each kind of arithmetic expression using classes and objects. For example, the expression (3+(5+6)) would be created by writing (in Java):

  new AddExp(new IntExp(3), new AddExp(new IntExp(5), new IntExp(6)))

Problem 2   Write an evaluator that takes such an expression, and computes its value (of type int). Particular care should be taken with division by 0.

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