V22.0480.003 : Fall 1999
Applied Internet Technology

Assignment - 1 (Due Thursday October 21st)
E-Car Purchaser

Write a Web program (pages) that will help a person to help buy a car.

This program has to have three functions:

	a. Advise whether it makes sense to Lease or Buy a car.
	b. Compute the payments per month.
	c. Determine if a person qualifies for a finance package.
	d. Select a car for him/her

The program has to walk the user through a number of different options and 
collect all the information that is required. The information that has to 
be gathered from the user are:

	1. Complete Name
	2. Sex
	3. Address
	4. State of Residence (NY, NY, CT)
	5. The Person's pay (per weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, yearly?)
	6. What the person is looking for in a car (luxuary, comfort, style?)
	7. What color would the person prefer (interior/exterior)
	8. What options would the person like?
	9. What is the budget?

You have to present the user with a spaced out user friendly web interface
for navigating through different options. You should not overwhelm the user
with all the information at once. Get first four of the above data in the first 
page, the rest (5 thru 9) in a second page and then display the result in a 
third page.

Compute the toltal cost of the car based on: 1. The base price of the car. 2. The Options on the car. 3. The Color of the car. 4. The tax on the car based on the state of residence. The monthly payments for either buying or leasing a car is based on simple calculations by taking care of the interest, the downpayment, the security payment, etc. Make reasonable assumptions and state them clearly in the project documentation.
The assignment will be graded for: 1. The technical content (JavaScript/HTML) 2. Correct interpretations of fields ($1,000/- in a numeric field has to be interpreted the same as 1000) 3. User Friendly Interface. 4. Error Checks (user could enter 'Two thousand' in the income field) This assignment will be done in groups of two students. Pick your group mates and inform the TA. Read the policy sheet on Assignments.