Homework 7, due Monday December 13:

The following problems are all from Van Loan's book:
  1. P7.2.1 on p. 254
  2. P7.2.2 on p. 254
  3. P7.3.4 on p. 267
  4. P7.3.5 on p. 267
  5. P8.1.7 on p. 282
  6. P8.1.9 on p. 283

Homework should be given in hard copy to me in class or in my office, or left under my office door, or given directly to the grader, goldfelp@cims.nyu.edu in room 808, Warren Weaver Hall.

Please do not leave homework in my lobby mailbox.

Homework is due at midnight on the due date. Late homework will be penalized 20%, and will NOT be accepted after that the final begins on December 20.