Warmup Programming Assignment

Due: Sept. 16, 1999

The purpose of this assignment is to make sure everyone has a working Java setup, and can start writing a simple program.

The assignment is to write a simple application that does some i/o along with a calculation or two. Pretend that your exercise treadmill is talking to you: it asks you to input how long it takes to run a mile (in minutes and seconds, so there are actually two integer inputs). For example, when prompted, you might enter 10 minutes and 0 seconds. Your program will then calculate and tell you the number of miles you can run in one hour. (In the above example, the treadmill program will tell you that you can run 6 miles in one hour).

For fun, you might like to re-write this program as an applet in addition to an application.

HW Procedures

All programs should be submitted by email to Paul at pmf204@is8.nyu.edu. The subject line must include the assignment number. For example, this warmup assignment is A0, the first assignment is A1, etc. You should attach the source code, and if an applet, the html file, as plain text (i.e. the files should NOT be compressed). Also, do NOT send compiled class files. Paul will recompile all programs on his machine.

When submitting homework, be sure to include your name both in the source code (as a comment) and in the email.

The late policy for programming assignments is the following. When a program is due, even if your program is not ready, still has bugs, etc. you MUST send in the program as currently stands, but with a note saying it is incomplete. The absolute deadline for turning in late programs is one week after the assigned due date.