Material on the Web


Reuters collection (created by David Lewis)
Rainbow library of text processing and classification tools (by Andrew McCallum)


D-Lib Magazine
International Journal on Digital Libraries


MUC (Message Understanding Conference)
TREC (Text Retrieval Conference)

Some Interesting Articles from D-Lib Magazine

Across Languages, Across Cultures: Issues in Multilinguality and Digital Libraries, Carol Peters, Eugenio Picchi
Agent-based Architecture for Digital Libraries, William P. Birmingham
Historical Collections for the National Digital Library: Lessons and Challenges at the Library of Congress, (Part I), Caroline R. Arms
Historical Collections for the National Digital Library: Lessons and Challenges at the Library of Congress (Part II), Caroline R. Arms
Image Browsing in the Alexandria Digital Library (ADL) Project, B.S. Manjunath
Metadata: The Foundations of Resource Description, Stuart Weibel
New Center at Columbia University for Digital Library Research: Fostering Interdisciplinary Research and Bridging Cultural Clashes, Judith Klavans
Research in Support of Digital Libraries at Xerox PARC; Part I: The Changing Social Roles of Documents, Marti A. Hearst
Research in Support of Digital Libraries at Xerox PARC: Part II: Paper and Digital Documents, Marti Hearst, Gary Kopec, Dan Brotsky
Roles for Digital Libraries in K-12 Education, Miriam Masullo, Robert Mack
Warwick Framework: A Container Architecture for Diverse Sets of Metadata, Carl Lagoze
Warwick Metadata Workshop: A Framework for the Deployment of Resource Description, Lorcan Dempsey, Stuart L. Weibel
What Do People Want from Information Retrieval? (The Top 10 Research Issues for Companies that Use and Sell IR Systems), W. Bruce Croft
What's Wrong with Internet Searching, Annabel Pollock, Andrew Hockley
The Z39.50 Information Retrieval Standard: Part I: A Strategic View of Its Past, Present and Future -- The first of a two-part story appearing this month and next, Clifford A. Lynch
Z39.50: The User's Perspective, Sandra D. Payette, Oya Y. Rieger
The Digital Library Research Agenda: What's Missing -- and How Humanities Textbase Projects Can Help Allen Renear, Brown University
Making of America: Online Searching and Page Presentation at the University of Michigan
Elizabeth J. Shaw and Sarr Blumson, University of Michigan

Antique Books: Thibadeau-Benoit Method

Current research projects

Digital Library Technology Home Page
Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval (U. Mass)
U.C. Berkeley School of Information Management and Systems: Research Projects
Work-centered digital information services (U.C. Berkeley)
Spatially-referenced map information (U.C. Santa Barbara)
Digital Libraries Initiative (U. Illinois)
University of Michigan Digital Library Project
Web-Watcher (Carnegie-Mellon)
Internet Softbot project (U. Washington)
Ahoy! The Homepage Finder v3.0 by Jonathan Shakes, Marc Langheinrich, and Oren Eztioni, U. Washington.
Stanford University Digital Libraries Project
Stanford Digital Library Testbed Home Page
Yale University Library's Project Open Book: Preliminary Research Findings, Paul Conway
Carnegie Mellon Informedia Project
Text Encoding Initiative Home Page
Open Stacks, Interface Ecology Andruid Kerne, New York University
Citation-Linking in Los Alamos Archives Paul Ginsparg (Los Alamos) et al.


"Document Filtering for Fast Ranking" by Michael Persin, SIGIR 1994.
Ternary Search Trees by Jon Bentely and Bob Sedgewick, Dr. Dobbs Journal, 1999

References for WWW Search Engines

The Harvest Information Discovery and Access System
The Quest for Correct Information on the Web: Hyper Search Engines
An Investigation of Documents from the World Wide Web
Robots in the Web: threat or treat?
The Web Robots FAQ
Relevance and insight in experimental studies
Towards a Multimedia World-Wide Web Information Retrieval System
Dynamic Reference Sifting: A Case Study in the Homepage Domain
The Web Developer's Virtual Library
World Wide Web FAQ
Ahoy Paper

Markup Languages and Metadata

Dublin Core Metadata Element Set: Resource Page
Metadata at W3C
Metadata: A W3C Activity
Guidelines for Electronic Text Encoding and Interchange (TEI P3)
The SGML/XML Web Page
SGML: SMDL Overview
A Gentle Introduction to SGML
Proceedings of the Second IEEE Metadata Conference
Webmonkey: xml: Understanding XSL
Quick Guide to HyTime Basics


QBIC (Query by Image Content)

Evaluating Online Materials

Evaluation of information sources from the WWW Virtual Library
Six Quests for The Electronic Grail by T. Matthew Ciolek
Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS) W3C
Constructing a Useful Web Site: External Links
Putting the Squeeze on the Information Firehose James Rettig
The good, the bad and the ugly: Internet review sites Alison Cooke, Alison McNab, and Betsy Anagnostelis
About the OMNI Databases
ACLU White Paper: Fahrenheit 451.2: Is Cyberspace Burning?

Multidimensional Access Methods

Multidimensional Access Methods by Volker Gaede and Oliver Gunther, Computing Surveys, Vol. 30, No. 2, 1998.

Natural Language Processing

Proteus Project -- NYU


ResearchIndex (CiteSeer)
Hypertext '96 Trip Report -- No Frills Stuart Moulthrop, University of Baltimore.
ParaSite: Mining Implicit Connections for Better Information Access
World Wide Web Conferences
The World Wide Web - Beneath the Surf Mark Handly and Jon Crowcroft, 1994
DAGS '95 Electronic Proceedings
Selected Virtual/Digital Library Resources Gary Shimek and Mary Reider. (Very large bibliography of relevant readings in print.)

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