General Info for Project 1

I. A Sampler of Basic HTML Features

Use 'Save as..(Source)' to capture the source of this page

Here is a sample table including JavaScript hyperlinks

Apples Pears Plums Peaches Prunes
Melons Cabbage Rutabaga Celery Radishes
Potatoes Tomatoes Parsnips Corn Bean Sprouts
Now is
the time for all
good men
to come to the aid
of their country.
Friends, Romans,
Lend me your ears. I come to bury Caesar,
not to praise him.

Here is a Director 'Embed', which you need the Shockwave Plugin to See

You can get the (free) Shockwave Plugin at

The code that handles hyperlink clicks in the Director 'Embed' is simply

           on hyperlinkClicked me,data,range
              member("my_paragraph").font = data