Concurrency in Ada


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Table of Contents

Concurrency in Ada

What Concurrency is all About

Relation to Operating Systems

Language Feature vs Libraries

Problems with Library Method

Thread Safety

Shared Variables

POSIX Threads

Add concurrency to Language

More on CSP (OCCAM)

Channel Operations in CSP

Tasking in Ada

Declaring Task Body

Creating an Instance of a Task

Task execution

More on the Rendezvous

Termination of Tasks

The Delay Statement

Selective Accept

Timed Entry Call

Conditional Entry Call

Task Abort

Asynchronous Transfer of Control

Shared Variables

Tasking Is Completely General

An Example, the Semaphore

A Semaphore using a Task, RV

A Semaphore using RV

Using the Semaphore Abstraction

The RV Semaphore

Protected Types and Objects

Protected Types and Objects

Semaphore Using Protected Type

Protected Type Semaphore

Using the Protected Type Semaphore

Requirements for Real Time

Priority Inheritance

Author: Robert B. K. Dewar