Artificial Intelligence: Syllabus

Prerequisites: V22.0202 (Comp. Sys. Org. II). V22.0301 (Basic algorithms.)

Requirements: Problem sets (30%), Midterm (30%), Final exam (40%).
All programming assignments must be done in Prolog


There are many cognitive tasks that people can do easily and almost unconsciously but that have proven extremely difficult to program on a computer. Artificial intelligence is the problem of developing computer systems that can carry out these tasks. This course will begin by presenting the logic programming language Prolog as a tool for AI programming. It will then survey AI problems and techniques, including automated reasoning, learning, planning, natural language processing, vision, robotics, and knowledge representation.

Course topics:

Submitting homework:

Programming assignments must be submitted by email. The format should be the ASCII source file for the code. Be sure to include your name as a comment at the beginning of the code.

Problem sets may be submitted either by email, or in hard-copy. Acceptable formats for email are ASCII text (much preferred), HTML, or Postscript (if you must). NO OTHER FORMATS WILL BE ACCEPTED. DO NOT EMAIL MIME-ENCODED ANYTHING.

Homeworks must be submitted at or before the beginning of class on the day due. Assignments will be accepted up to a week late, with a penalty of one point out of ten. No assignments will be accepted more than a week late.

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