Applied Internet Technology

Fall 1998


  • Final Exam on 21st December .....
  • Exam Syllabus Posted
  • Slides for Sockets, Sevlets & JDBC posted

  • Exams

    Exam Location DATE Time
    Final Cantor 102 December 21th (Monday) 6:00pm to 7:50pm
    Mid Term Cantor 102 November 2nd (Monday) 6:15 to 7:15


    Assignment Assigned On Due On
    Assignment 1 October 5th October 19th
    Assignment 2 October 19th November 9th
    Assignment 3 November 16 December 7th

    Class Slides

    Slide 0 AIT0.PPT AIT0.txt
    Slide 1 AIT1.PPT AIT1.txt
    Slide 2 AIT2.PPT AIT2.txt
    Slide 3 html_js.PPT html_js.txt
    Slide 4 java1.PPT java1.txt
    Slide 5 java2.PPT java2.txt
    Slide 6 cgi.PPT cgi.txt
    Slide 7 RMI.PPT RMI.txt
    Slide 8 corba.PPT corba.txt
    Slide 9 sockets.PPT sockets.txt
    Slide 9 JDBC.PPT JDBC.txt

    Additional Reading Materials

    Topic Site 1 Site 2
    Internet History Internet History _
    HTTP HTTP Overview HTTP Specs
    TCP/IP TCP/IP Excellent Introduction
    DNS Domain Name Server More on DNS
    HTML Beginner's Guide HTML Examples
    JavaScript JavaScript Tutorial JavaScript Guide
    RMI RMI Tutorial RMI Specifications

    Course Overview

    Assignment Policies

    Course Number:     V22.0480-002

    Credits for course: 4

        Cantor 102
        Monday :: 6:00pm --> 8:55pm

     Required Book:   
           1. The Java Programming Language
                  Ken Arnold & James Gosling
               Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc
     Recommended Book: 
           2. Client/Server Programming with JAVA & CORBA
                  Robert Orfali & Dan Harkey
                  Wiley Computer Publishing 

        S. Viswanathan
        Office: Room 427 WWH
        Phone: (212) 998-3090
        Office Hours: Mondays 9:00pm to 10:00pm at Cantor 102
    Teaching Assitant
        Mauricio Plaza-Villega  
        Office: 427 WWH
        Office Hours: Tue/Wed Fri    9.30-11.00am