Machine Organization I

V22.0201 - Fall 1998

Nathan Hull

Assignment 3

Due: Thursday, October 29th (Day of the Midterm)

Input a series of HEX ASCII bytes separated by a single space and terminated by an XX. There can be up to 25 pairs of hex digits. Possible inputs might be:

09 77 41 77 A3 6F 75 F2 55 XX



Using INT 16H for input, read the series of digits and echo them to the screen using INT 10H. Error check the input as you go along, and terminate if there is an error.

If your data is good, convert it (probably using the code from your previous assignment) into a seris of unsigned bytes which is held in an array specified in a DB in memory.

SORT the array into ascending order using a Bubble Sort.

Output the SORTED array onto the screen, converting each byte back int ASCII HEX as per the previous assignment.

Use the Dewar Assembler for this project, and email your E-Tutor the completed ASM file.