V22.0101 Introduction to Computer Science I


Text: Turbo Pascal by Samuel L. Marateck, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 1991. Supplement to Turbo Pascal, (please see the link on the course home page), 1994

1. MS DOS and the Turbo Pascal Environment
A quick introduction to the MSDOS file system and the IDE, pages 841-843, ( Supp. pp. 4-15).
2. Basics of Pascal and Printing
Identifiers, assignment statements, data types. PP. 30-89. Printing, pages 138-139, ( Supp. pp. 20-21).
3. Introduction to the for loop and procedures
The for loop, pages 144-149. Procedures without parameters, pages 208-213. Random number generator, page 198. Assignment 1, Turtle graphics.

4. Input-Output, The complete for loop
I/O pages 102-137. The for loop, pages 150-201.
5. Procedures
Top-down design. Variable and value parameters. Pages 214-247. Introduction to the case statement, pages 302-303. Assignment 2, bar code numbers.
6. The If-then-else and Case Statements
Branching. Pages 254-265, 272-313. The Turbo Pascal debugger, ( Supp. pp. 15-19).
7. The While and Repeat Loops.
Pages 322-342. Assignment 3, Blackjack or Dice shoot.
8. Files, User defined functions
Files, pages 360-375. Functions, pages 386-418.
9. Arrays
Structured types. Array declarations. Searching an array. Range checking. Pages 426-463
10. Multidimensional Arrays
Pages 538-561. Assignment 4, The Game of Life
11. Ordinal types
User-defined types. Pages 512-532.
12. Records
Records and fields. The with statement. Arrays of records. Pages 588-654. Assignment 5, records.

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