Programming Assignment # 1

Due: September 30.

In this assignment you will write an interactive program that acts like a cash register. However, the cash register of the future tells you not only how much change to give, but how to give it (e.g. how many quarters, how many nickels, etc.).

Write the progran to run as an Applet. First, the total amount of the purchase is input. Next the amount of cash tendered is input.  At this point, the program calculates the change, and how to give it. For this assignment you can assume that the maximum amount of any purchase is $100.00 and the maximum cash tendered that you have to make change for is also $100.00. Your program should make change using as few bills and coins as possible, using the algorithm discussed in class.

Once you have the basic program working you might consider adding a feature that helps reduce the number of coins in the change. For example, if the sale is $4.51 and the customer gives you $5.00, your program might ask if the customer has a penny.