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COURSE NAME: Intro. to Computer Science I (Honors)
OFFERING: Fall 1998
TIME: Monday and Wednesday 11:55-1:10
PLACE: Warren Weaver Hall, Room 102
TEACHER: Professor Marsha Berger, Office: WWH 1130,
Phone: (212)998-3305, Email:
OFFICE HOURS: Monday & Wednesday 1:15-2
PREREQUISITE: Some previous programming experience
TEXTBOOK: Java: How to Program
by Deitel and Deitel
EXAMINATIONS: midterm (30%) and final (40%)
HOMEWORK: Programs will be due approx. every other week (30%).
LAST DAY OF CLASSES: Monday, Dec. 14
FINAL EXAM: Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2:00 - 3:50 PM.


This is a first course in computer science, for students who have declared to have some previous programming experience, and want to move faster than the regular sections of this courses. Java will be the programming language. No previous knowledge of Java is expected, but you should have some familiarity with writing programs in Pascal, Basic, C or some other common programming language.