C++ and Unix, V22.0480

Course Goals

To give you a thorough grounding in the C++ language, and an ability to use UNIX utilities and understand how to compose them, write perl, use perl to form CGI scripts, and elements of Java including threads. As a by-product, you will have much practice in reading other people's programs for inspiration. Since there is so much material to cover, we have been picky, emphasizing only those aspects of UNIX that are likely to continue to be important in the coming NT/UNIX world.

C++, Java, the shell program of UNIX, and Perl are languages. Our goal is for you to learn to use tools fairly quickly and to experiment on your own. Often we will test programs together. This has some implications.


About the Instructor

Dennis Shasha is a professor of computer science at New York University's Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. He holds a B.S. from Yale, an M.S. from Syracuse and a Ph.D. from Harvard. He has written four books: Database Tuning: A Principled Approach and two mathematical detective stories, The Puzzling Adventures of Dr. Ecco and Codes, Puzzles, and Conspiracy and Out of Their Minds: the lives and discoveries of 15 great computer scientists. His three main research projects combine databases with parallel processing (the Persistent Linda project), databases with pattern recognition (Combinatorial Pattern Discovery project) and databases with expert systems and information retrieval (Thinksheet project).

Questions are welcome. Please send them to shasha@cs.nyu.edu. Office hours are Wednesday afternoons after class.