The following information was covered in class on 10/2/97. While there was much more content discussed in class, this document breifly shows what the class was about.


We have a warehouse where we store three items (shoes, socks, laces). We can store up to 100 units of each item and the warehouse can hold 250 units total. Thus we can not have 100 units of every item.

I wanted a simple program that allows people to add items to the inventory, remove items from the inventory, and to display what is in the inventory. There should also be a choice to exit the program.

The menu could look like the following

Add item Remove Item Show Inventory Exit


It was decided that we need to store the following information.

Where the first three are integers greater than zero and less than item_max.

Item_max and warehouse_max are constant values.

The first layer of pseudo-code looked like the following


We further broke down the problem piece by peice

* Init vars becomes

* Print main menu

* get menu selection

Each menu selection is it's own problem and in some ways are similar to each other so we only expanded on the first selection "add item"

* Add item


Finaly we came up with the following

#include <stdio.h>

#include <stdlib.h>

#define item_max 100

#define warehouse_max 250

main() {