The purpose of an Electronic Tutor is so that the students have another resource to use for helping them to understand the course work. The E-tutor is available for questions through email only.

Name: Jonathan Huston

Email: jeh214@is8.nyu.edu


The grader for this class is Gang Chen. All homeworks should be submitted to him via email and a copy should be sent to me. (renzetti@cs.nyu.edu). Gang has some policies on how the homework should look and how it should be submitted. Please see the links below for that informaion.

Name: Gang Chen

Email: chen7761@cs.nyu.edu

Home Page: http://www.cs.nyu.edu/~chen7761

HW Grading and Submittion Policies:

Email HW Help: How to attach your HW using Pine (From Section 1's home page)