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COURSE NUMBER: V22.0310.001
COURSE NAME: Basic Algorithms
OFFERING: Fall 1997
TIME: Tuesdsay and Thursday 9:55--11:10
PLACE: Warren Weaver Hall, Room 102
TEACHER: Professor Marsha Berger, Office: WWH 1130,
Phone: (212)998-3305, Email:
OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday & Thursday 11:15--12
RECITATION: Archi Rudra, Wed. 9:55-11:10, Warren Weaver Room 101
Hours: after recitation, Monday 1-2, or by appt.,
Office: 715 Broadway, room 1009, ext. 8-3353.
PREREQUISITE: Data structures (V22.0102) & Discrete Math (V63.0020)
TEXTBOOK: Data Structures and Algorithms Analysis
by Mark Allen Weiss
EXAMINATIONS: quiz (20%) midterm (30%) and final (40%)
HOMEWORK: Approx. every other week (10%). No late homework.
LAST DAY OF CLASSES: Wednesday, Dec. 10
FINAL EXAM: Tuesday, Dec. 16, 10:00 - 11:50 AM.


Basic Algorithms is the study of fundamentals of data structure and algorithm design, including methods for determining the running time of algorithms. Some topics to be covered includeL order of magnitude, solving recurrence relations, balanced trees, graph algorithms, divide and conquer methods, dynamic programming.