Online Libraries: Papers

You are required either to write 2 papers and give a half-hour in-class presentation or to write 3 papers. Papers should be 10-20 pages long. (Papers that involve actual implementation or experimentation on your part can be shorter.) Please submit hard copy.

All two or three papers and presentation should be on substantially different subjects.

Please send me for approval by email either a title or description of your paper before you start putting a great deal of time into it. No penalty for failing to do this, but you run the risk that I will reject the paper as being on an inappropriate subject.

Due dates

If you are writing 3 papers, then aim to get your first paper in by Oct. 16, the second by Nov. 13, and the third by Dec. 11.

If you are writing 2 papers and a class presentation, then you should give me a proposed subject for your presentation, with a preliminary reading list, by Oct. 9. About that time, I'll set up the schedule of presentations. Aim to get your first paper in by Nov. 13 and your second by Dec. 11.

There is no specific penalty for getting papers in late. However, if I get more than one of your papers toward the end of the semester, then I don't guarantee that I will read it on time, so your grade may be delayed. Worse, my experience has been that students who put off doing their work until the end of the semester often find that they have to put it off until the next semester, and then finishing the incomplete becomes a horrible burden. So try to keep to the schedule.

Subjects for presentations

Presentations should stick fairly closely to the material of the textbook and the class syllabus. A reasonable presentation might plan to cover one or two sections of the textbook with a couple of associated readings. For online readings, you should send me the URL, so I can put it on the home page. For readings in print, you should photocopy the reading and give it to me to place on reserve.

Subjects for papers

Some suggestions: