Online Libraries: Lecture Summaries

9/4. Introduction. Overview of the course. Pros and cons of digitizing documents.

9/11. Document Retrieval. Indexing. Matching criterion. Stemming. Vector model. Relevance Feedback.

9/18. Multimedia retrieval. Page image. Pictures: QBIC. Speech. Music. Video.

9/25. Web search engines. Robots: WebCrawler, Lycos. Higher level search engines: Metacrawler, Ahoy homepage finder.

10/2. Rosh HaShana, no class.

10/9. Intellectual property rights. Basic principles. Landmark cases: Universal City Studios vs. Sony, Nintendo vs. Lewis Galoob Toys, Publishers vs. Texaco, Sega vs. Accolade.

10/16. Presentation: Deena Engel, Fine Arts Databases.
Evaluation. Recall/precision curve.

10/23. Presentation: Mikhail Krol, Verity Search '97.
Evaluation continued. Other metrics. Query set. Measuring relevance. Measuring recall.

10/30. Markup languages. Features: Independence, abstraction, interface, querying. SGML and applications: HTML, TEI.

11/6. HyTime (hypermedia markup language). Hypermedia design.

11/13. Information Quality. "Six Quests for the Electronic Grail" by T. Matthew Ciolek. Programming approach. Procedural approach. Structuring approach. Bibliographic approach. Evaluation: formalizing criteria, rating services. Organizational approach.

11/20. Public key cryptography.

11/27. Thanksgiving

12/4. Presentation: JPEG and GIF. Jost Reinhold
Knowledge representation and knowledge bases.

12/11. Presentation: XML. Mike Reinertsen.
Knowledge representation and knowledge bases.