A22.0004 Computers in Principle and Practice

New York University: Fall 1997

This assignment is for the WINDOWS section only!

This assignment is EXTRA CREDIT

Assignment 9

Due: The Day of the Final, Dec. 16th

This assignment is to add a new page to your sitewhich will include some JAVASCRIPT.

First, here are our two examples. You can both run the example, and see the code.

A. Repeat a Text Phrase typed in a prompt: RUN IT -- SEE THE CODE

B. Multiply two numbers typed in a prompt: RUN IT -- SEE THE CODE

Your extra credit assignment is very simple: Add a link to your web page to a new page. On that page, have two prompts: One for the person's name, and one for the person's age.

Then, using JavaScript, print out some html which will repeat the person's name at least twice, and computes what TWICE that person's age is! For extra, extra credit, also print the year in which the person will reach twice their present age, presuming that the current year IS 1997!

Email the grader account at pnpfls4@cs.nyu.edu when you are done.