A22.0004 Computers in Principle and Practice
New York University: Summer 1997

Assignment 2a

Monday, Oct 13th, 1997 (sec 1-2)
Tuesday, Oct 14th, 1997 (sec 3-5)

Part One

Using the instructions below, subscribe to the mailing list for your section. This will allow your instructor to broadcast announcements, corrections, instructions, etc., to the entire class. You will be responsible for reading email once before every class.

You don't have to hand in anything for this portion of the assignment! Instead, we will be able to check whether you have successfully added yourself to the mailing list.

Subscribing to the mailing list

Select mail from the main menu of your IS account. This puts you into the pine program.

  1. Type C to compose a message.
  2. You are in the "To:" field. Type majordomo@cs.nyu.edu.
  3. Hit <return> or <Enter> three times to skip past the "Cc:" field, and the "Attachment" field. You are now in the "Message text" field. (Note that you don't even have to have a subject!!)
  4. Type in one of the the following. Note that the underscores '_' are very important.

subscribe a22_0004_001_fl97 if you are in Galagher's class

subscribe a22_0004_002_fl97 if you are in Engel's class

subscribe a22_0004_003_fl97 if you are in Berger's class

subscribe a22_0004_004_fl97 if you are in Hull's Win 95 (9:55) class

subscribe a22_0004_005_fl97 if you are in Hull's (2:50) Mac class

then hit the <return> key.

  1. Type "help" and hit <return>.
  2. You are now ready to send the message. While holding down the control key, hit the X key, and then let go of the control key. This is called entering a "Control-X" which is written by the symbol '^X'.
  3. You will be returned to the main menu, where you should see the words "Message sent" at the bottom of the screen. You should get a return message telling you that you have subscribed correctly. If not, try again, checking your typing very carefully.
  4. To quite pine, type q, and then type y to confirm that you really want to quit.
  5. In short period of time, you may go back into pine and see the confirmation which the Major Domo program will send to you automatically.

Part Two

This part will create an initial web page for you at:


(where username is your UNIX account name). This will just set up your web page for the first time. Later in the semester you will update this page, but for the time being we just want to establish your page and verify that you page is out there.

Set up your web page for the first time by Telnetting into your UNIX account.
Choose choice #6 - "Pages".
Then Select Choice #1"Create/Delete" on the submenu, and answer "yes" to all of the questions.
Only do this once, since the second time it will delete your web page!

Check to see if your web page is there having Netscape look at:


Part Three

Submit a notification of the establishment of your web page to the "grading' email account for your section. Email a noticewiththeURL for your page to one of the following:

Make certain that you include your full name and the URL of your home page in your message, because, among other things, this information will be used to generate a page of links to all of the student pages for this class.