A22.0004 Computers in Principle and Practice

New York University: Fall 1997

Assignment 2

Wednesday, Oct 8th, 1997 (sec 1-2)
Thursday, Oct 9th, 1997 (sec 3-5)

Assignment 2

In the Fall 97 folder of the A22.0004 folder under Courses on either ACFSE server, there is a file called "Ditzles." The text can also be copied from this hyperlink.

Make a copy of this file onto a diskette of your own, and then format the text using MS Word. Apply a template, being sure to import styles from that template. Then apply styles to paragraphs that require different styles.

Formatting this text means to make it look good. In addition, you should replace all appropriate occurrences of a hyphen with an em dash '-' and fix all dumb quotes to be smart quotes, i.e., change ' to either openning or closing curly quotes as appropriate, and change " to openning or closing double curly quotes as appropriate. You should also change > marks to bullets of some sort. (Choose your own bullet symbol, if you wish.) Smart quotes and bullets can be found in the Insert Symbol option, and bullets can be obtained from the toolbar button.

All this can be done with a single button click if you use auto-format. In fact, auto-format will apply styles to many of the headings. However, you still have to apply a title style to the title of the document. Further, add a style of your own, or modify one of the styles, to change the appearance of the document. The easiest thing to do is to change the style of the title, but feel free to modify the Body Text style, or one of the other styles.

Even if you don't use auto-format, you should be able to select large blocks of text and apply styles. The entire project can be done in about three minutes, and should generally not take more than fifteen minutes. So if you have spent an hour on formatting, you are doing something wrong.

Also fix spelling mistakes, and add a header and footer. Include your name and section number in the header.

You should turn in the first two pages of the reformatted "Ditzles" document, formatted according to your choices. Be sure to only print out two pages, using the "Pages" selection in the "Print" dialog box. Write on the print-out the name of the template that you have used, and the name of the style of every paragraph that appears.

Also, print out a list of the styles. Do this by going to "Print", and then on the bottom of the dialogue box, choose to print "styles" rather than "document"

Here's what the first page looks like of a correctly done assignment. Your styles might look different.