A22.0004 Computers in Principle and Practice
New York University: Summer 1997

Assignment 0

Wednesday, Sept. 17, 1997 (Sections 1-2)
Thursday, Sept. 18, 1997 (Sections 3-5)

Part One

Format TWO floppy disks for your work. Use one of them for your backup disk.

Part Two

Using Microsoft Word, write a few paragraphs detailing your computer background (if any), and why you are taking the course. You should also write a little bit about yourself, such as your major, your interests, your hobbies, etc.

The purpose of this assignment is to get you on the computer, and to verify that you can start an application and get a printout. You may format the document however you like. (You might use the spell checker to make sure you avoid spelling mistakes!)

Turn in your printout in class.

Part Three

Using PINE, exchange email with your Lab partner.

Part Four

Use Netscape Navigator (or Netscape Collaborator or Microsoft Internet Explorer) to look
at the course home page. You may get to that page by looking at:


From there, choose "Course Home Pages" and then "A22.0004".

OR you can go directly to this course's home page by typing this URL: