Statistical Natural Language Processing Fall 2017

Course#: CSCI-GA.3033-008
Instructor: Ankur Parikh
TA: Abhinav Gupta (
Lecture: Tuesdays 5:10-7:00PM, Warren Weaver Hall Room 512
Mailing List: Piazza
Office hours: Tuesdays 7-8 pm in WW 328 and by appointment

Class Summary:

In this course we will examine some of the core tasks in natural language processing, starting with simple word-based models for text classification and building up to rich, structured models for syntactic parsing and machine translation. In each case we will first cover classic approaches, then review recent research progress and finally discuss with the help of guest lecturers (from Google) how to design efficient systems for practical user applications. There will be a focus on corpus-driven methods that make use of supervised and unsupervised machine learning methods and algorithms. We will explore statistical approaches based on graphical models and deep learning.

Your grade will be composed of 4 components:

Scribe sheet signup. Scribe notes are due 2 weeks after the lecture, except for the 12/5 scribe notes which are due in one week. Please pick a lecture to scribe for. Here is a template to use for the notes.

Late policy: You get 7 late days to use at your discretion (no more than 5 per assignment). After that you lose 10% per day. Please note that late days cannot be used for the final project.

Reference Textbooks:

Readings will be assigned from:


Date Topic Textbook Reading Recent Papers Reading Scribe Notes Assignments
9/5 Introduction and Language Modeling Jurafsky & Martin Chapter 4 (also Ch. 1)
(or Manning & Schuetze Chapters 1-3, 6)
MT Tutorial, LM Overview,
Large LMs, Neural LM
Lecture-1 Assignment 1 out
9/12 Text Classification and Machine Learning Overview Mitchell Chapter 3,
Jurafsky & Martin Chapter 7
Classification Tutorial,
MaxEnt Tutorial,
NN Primer, Neural Network Tutorial
Lecture-2 Assignment 2 out
9/19 Part-of-Speech Tagging Jurafsky & Martin Chapter 9-10
(or Manning & Schuetze Chapter 10)
NN Guide, TnT Tagger Lecture-3
9/26 Lexical Semantics (Guest Lecturer: Prof. Ellie Pavlick) Jurafsky & Martin Chapters 15-17 Frege, word2vec, word2vec Explained,
Syntactic Embeddings, NNs for NLP
Lecture-4 Assignment 3 out
10/3 Advanced POS Tagging Jurafsky & Martin Chapter 9-10
(or Manning & Schuetze Chapter 9)
Merialdo '94, Bilingual POS Induction,
CRFs, BiLSTM POS Tagging
Lecture-5 Project proposal out
10/10 Word Alignment Manning & Schuetze Chapter 13 Notes from Columbia, MT Tutorial, Overview, IBM Models,
HMM-Alignments, Agreement
10/17 Phrase-Based Translation
Notes from Columbia, Decoding, Phrases, Moses Lecture-7 Assignment 4 out
10/24 Dependency Parsing(Guest Lecturer: Dr. Emily Pitler) Jurafsky & Martin Chapters 12, 13, 14
Dependency Parsing Chapters 1-4
(available from NYU network)
MST Parsing, Vine Pruning,
Shift-Reduce Parsing, NN Parsing
10/31 Constituency Parsing (Guest Lecturer: Dr. Slav Petrov) Jurafsky & Martin Chapters 12, 13, 14 Unlexicalized, Lexicalized,
Latent Variable, Neural
11/7 Deep NLP and End-to-End Learning Primer on Neural Networks for NLP Neural LMs, RNN LMs, Adversarial Reading Comprehension, Data-to-Document Generation
Lecture-10 Assignment 5 out
11/14 Sam Bowman Guest Lecture SNLI, MultiNLI, SPINN Lecture-11
11/21 Conv Nets + Neural Machine Translation Online chapter from Philipp Koehn Seq2Seq with Attention, Google NMT Lecture-12
11/28 Compositional Semantics (Guest Lecturer: Dr. Tom Kwiatkowski) Jurafsky & Martin Chapter 22, 28 Joint, ILP for SRL Framenet Parsing,
Compositional, Question Answering
12/5 Summarization and Text Generation Freq-Based Summarization, McDonald 2007 Gillick and Favre 2009,
Attention RNNs for Summarization, Data to Document Generation

You will be submitting the predictions that your system makes and the results will be automatically posted to the leadeboard below.


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The leadeboard is based on code from Wang Ling and Chris Dyer, which in turn is based on this course.